The New Face of the
Democratic Party

Donald Eugene Lowe

Help us for a better choice in politics.

The Platform

..Open for Business plan. 

End Tarif Tax and Duties.

Lower income tax to $1 a week on Federal tax

lower tax to 12% as per the Consititution.

A complete healthcare where 100% of all U.S. Citizens have healthcare owned by the people not their place of work or government. no co-pay or deductible.

Change U.S. Immigration to be more friendly but not an open border so that we be a better Country.

That is the 1st 100 days.

Change the education system that will reduce the drop out rate by 50% and create more jobs by educating better. 

Reduce government to be more efficient and work better.

IRS mostly be gone. EPA given back to the states.

Social Security and retirement changed to reinsure it will be here for genrations to come.

38.7% in only 3 +- years of economical strength and growth.

Rewrite a mortgage that cuts a 30 year term down to as much as only 18 years to pay off without paying extra money.

In transportation get rid of some the regulations that are not Constitutional.

EMevery vehicle will be eligible for an exemption from HOS  if they change to a safety program that protects the CMV

Want to  know more  wait until you get to here me speak in person you will be in shock what I can bring to the table.

Thank You for your time and consideration.

My campaign will not be selling anything to raise money. My campaign will not be taking donations.

I rather you use your money to help in other areas.

If you really want to help me in this then get the word out. You have the power to do more than I ever could in a campaign by taking your money.

We do best when we the people band together to make a change.

Donald Eugene Lowe

(Lo-we)  LO low can I make your taxes goes and

                  WE..... we the people

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2020 Presidential Candidate Donald Eugene Lowe

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